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Subway Surfers Game

This is a free-to-play game that includes a system of micropayments that allows for buying additional coins. Of course, it is possible to earn coins traditionally, but more expensive improvements require earning large amounts of in-game currencies for a very long time, so this option is ideal for patient players. Micropayments assure the possibility of getting better equipment, unlocking new locations and characters much faster, so the game will become more attractive and funnier. There is also a third option. Players can use our Subway Surfers cheats that can generate an unlimited number of coins, so it is not necessary to wait long days or to spend real money to get premium in-game improvements. Our solutions are suitable for both beginners and experienced players who are interested in getting better results and having more fun for free.

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Subway surfers – a funny and crazy “endless runner” game

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is another game that can be described as a casual endless runner. In this production, we play the role of a graffiti painter who has to escape from the police inspector and his dog. This funny game has been created by the SYBO Games studio in co-operation with Kiloo.

Young graffiti painters who painted railway wagons have to escape from the police through the roofs of wagons and railway tracks. There are many obstacles that players need to avoid (for example incoming trains). A player-controlled character can move on one of three tracks. The character can jump over the obstacles or roll under them. Players can also use a special jet skateboard. During the escape, the player collects coins that allow for buying better jet skateboards, jetpacks and bonus characters, so the game becomes easier and funnier.

This casual production offers very good sound and graphics. It looks simple, but it is full of colors and available in HD resolution. In further game releases, its creators introduced the World Tour mode with new locations (like Arabia) and characters.

People who know endless runner games and beginners will not have problems with understanding the basic controls of this title. It is especially suitable for beginners who want to try their luck and skills in a not very demanding endless runner game. It is a nice title that can compete against the famous “Temple Run”.